Support Our Campaign To Make Renewable Liquid Fuels Part Of Decarbonising Heating 

How You Can Support Our Campaign

At the moment, the UK and Republic of Ireland Governments are supporting expensive low carbon heating technologies only – and not alternatives like renewable liquid fuels. This is something that needs to change if decarbonisation targets are to be achieved.

We urge you to write to or email your MP, MSP or TD and explain your concerns on your government’s current plans for affordable green heating.

You are welcome to use our draft letter here, which you can edit to suit your needs and send to your MP, MSP or TD.  You can find your local MP here

If you live in the Republic of Ireland, you can find your local TD here

To find out more about why renewable liquid fuel should be used to replace heating oil and why we are encouraging rural households to start this transition today visit our new Future Ready Fuel website here

With your help we can ensure Governments include renewable liquid fuels in future energy plans

Please write to your elected representative & follow our campaign on Twitter –  @UKIFDA using #FutureReadyFuel #LiquidFuelFuture


What We Are Doing For Future Fuels

The technologies supported by the UK and Irish governments at present are expensive and would potentially involve largescale structural disruptions for the 1.5million UK and 686,000 Republic of Ireland off-grid households.

A competitive market is needed for low carbon heat options that keep costs affordable for all. Renewable liquid fuels are one solution not being given focus in today’s government energy policies – the replacement of heating oil with liquid biofuels would drastically cut carbon emissions with relatively small costs or inconvenience for off grid homeowners.

Neither Government currently supports liquid biofuels in their plans for future green heating and run the risk of minimal support for their decarbonisation aims as a result.

UKIFDA is working with their members and other trade associations in the industry to campaign the UK and Irish Governments to support a plan for the transition to renewable liquid fuels for off-grid households rather than supporting one big change to technologies that are potentially costly and disruptive for rural homeowners.

More information on how renewable liquid fuel can play its part in the future energy choices of homes and businesses can be found here.