UKIFDA Green Award Won By Company Leading By Example In Making A Positive Impact On The Environment

30th September 2021

The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) is proud to be celebrating environmental initiatives within the liquid fuels distribution industry as part of the UK-wide goal of a decarbonised future – and has revealed UKIFDA member Crown Oil Ltd is this year’s winner of the high-profile UKIFDA Green Award.

Announced during its first ever virtual UKIFDA EXPO & Future Fuels Conference, Crown Oil won the award for a number of reasons including its heavy involvement in the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) trials and in the Future Fuels initiative.

“Huge congratulations go to Crown Oil for winning our Green Award 2021 – We felt they are a worthy winner because of their sheer range and extent of green initiatives in place,” says Ken Cronin, UKIFDA Chief Executive.

“As a company, they are leading by example and not only has Crown Oil been involved in trialling HVO as a heating fuel since winter 2020 and our Future Fuels initiative, but they are a leading UK HVO supplier that can boast an impressive 18,945 tonnes of GHG CO2 saved to-date from their customers switching to HVO.

“They are also the first and only UK fuel distributor to run their entire fleet on HVO.”

The UKIFDA Green Award is sponsored by Oilshield, a unique collaboration between Evergreen Insurance Services, Compass Environmental Consultancy, and AVIVA.

Mark Andrews, Director, Crown Oil comments: “We’re delighted to have won the UKIFDA Green Award – it really does mean so much to us. We have been in this business and working in the industry for more than 70 years now and our goal is to be the number one supplier of alternative fuels to the UK market.

“We are fully committed to making a positive impact on the environment and are always looking for ways to cut our emissions and those of our customers too.

“Since 2018, we have invested heavily in HVO, a drop-in diesel alternative, as we believe it can be a fantastic, eco-friendly replacement for liquid fuels as it cuts net CO2 by around 90%, nitrogen oxide emissions by circa 27% and particulate matter by around 84% – which makes a massive difference to air quality.

“We’ve been supporting UKIFDA and OFTEC in decarbonising home heating with HVO, including supplying HVO for the trials and providing advice so it can be analysed and rolled out nationwide.

“Even though our entire fleet is run on HVO, any third-party deliveries and remaining carbon are offset to erase any unavoidable emissions – we were one of the first UK fuel suppliers to voluntarily offset our delivery mileage and have offset 35,700+ tonnes of carbon since December 2007.

“We actively encourage all our customers to switch to cleaner fuels – and these are customers across many sectors, including construction, on-road transport, inland waterways, and standby power – as we know that we are all in this together and must all contribute as much as we can to make a difference.

“Winning the Green Award is brilliant and will inspire us to keep going in our environmental efforts – and as a company, we pledge to run all our buildings on renewable energy by December 2022.”

Ken Cronin concludes: “Crown Oil really is the worthy winner of the Green Award, given all the company has done during the last 12 months – and far beyond.

“The company encourages others – customers and businesses alike – to make greener changes and to switch to renewable fuels, because it leads by example. In addition to its great investment in HVO, the company has a stakeholder investment in the world’s first REDD+ forest-carbon project and is often undertaking green initiatives such as tree planting and recycling all its barrels.

“Our congratulations go to all the shortlisted entries, Mitchell & Webber, Oil 4 Wales, and of course, Crown Oil – they have all made significant contributions to our sector and to the planet over the last year and are shining examples of the difference we can all make in achieving a decarbonised future.”

Cornwall leads the way in switch to green oil alternative

30th September 2021

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