Oil Tank Security

The liquid fuel in your tank is valuable, so you should take appropriate security measures. You can’t totally protect your tank against theft, but a few simple precautions can greatly reduce the chance your fuel will be stolen.

  • Make sure the fuel gauge is secured correctly to the tank.
  • If your tank has a lid, fit suitable locks and/or lockable valves – this may even be a legal requirement. Your installation engineer or fuel supplier can advise you.
  • If of a vent-and-fill type, buy a special lockable cap.
  • Don’t forget to provide the keys/combinations of any locks to the delivery company in case you won’t be there during any deliveries.
  • Monitor your tank on a regular basis. A remote electronic fuel level gauge sets off an audible alarm if the level suddenly drops or falls below a quarter full, and can be located in the kitchen or utility room.
  • If you need to replace your tank, position it where it will be more secure. Remember to leave clear access for fuel deliveries and make sure the gauge can be seen.
  • NEVER lock or block the tank vent/ breather, as this will cause the tank to split and cause further damage.
  • Consider fitting CCTV to monitor the tank.
  • Low energy ‘dusk-til-dawn’ security lights close to the tank should provide sufficient light to deter thieves.

Oil Tank Care

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