In 40th Anniversary Year FPS Launches Its Brand and Future Vision At FPS EXPO

16th May 2019

Liquid fuels distribution trade association for the UK and Republic of Ireland, The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) is rebranding in its 40th anniversary year. Its new name will be UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) which provides more of an insight into what the organisation stands for, what its members do and better reflects its role in the future and the changing marketplace of liquid fuels. The Future Vision, also launched at the FPS EXPO, outlines that changing marketplace and the role that the organisation and its Members will play in the energy transition.

The trade association has come a long way since its launch in 1979, when Mr ESB Goddard was its first President.  It achieved a membership of 80 within the first six months. Today it has its first female President, Jodie Allan of distributor James D Bilsland, and is now home to 96 ordinary members in the UK, 27 ordinary members in the Republic of Ireland, and 62 associate members. Understandably, the association wants a name and brand that provide more of an insight into all it stands for and what its members do.

“The industry in which we operate has undergone tremendous changes over the past four decades and the FPS has continually adapted over that time to ensure that it represents, supports and informs its growing membership. The future vision will ensure that it continues in the same vein, supporting the UK and Ireland changing energy landscape” says Guy Pulham, FPS Chief Executive.

“Our rebrand and Future Vision reflects where we are today and our ambitions for the future. Together with our members we agree and support the principle of decarbonisation, clean growth and clean air. We believe that we can play a part in achieving the net-zero aims recently published by The Committee on Climate Change. Liquid fuels are changing and will continue to change to meet the aims of the Paris Agreement.

“Our name should reflect the fact that we are an association not a federation and our members distribute not supply.  Including both UK and Ireland in the new name highlights that our members operate across both the UK and Republic of Ireland and that both are important to us. Liquid fuels are key if we are to reach the government’s decarbonisation targets and in a way that meets the needs of the consumer too, and we wanted our support for this to be more obvious from our name – UKIFDA enables us to display all we stand for, simply and effectively.

“Furthermore, our new strapline – representing the best in liquid fuels – sums us up perfectly. Our core purpose is to attract and support the best distributors in the UK and Ireland and to help them run their businesses safely, sustainably and successfully thereby ensuring consumers receive the best product and the best possible service from our members.

“Our new brand ensures everyone who sees our logo and hears our strapline instantly recognises who we are and what we do, whether they work in the liquid fuels distribution industry, at government level or are consumers.”

“We unveiled our new name and Future Vision for the distribution of liquid fuels at FPS EXPO, which took place at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool on 15 and 16 May 2019. The proposed new name was voted on during our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15 May. As an association, we are run by and for our members and it was only right that our members have the final say, after all.

“The change to UKIFDA will happen over the next few weeks via a full transition plan which we will share with Members. The conclusion of that transition will coincide with our 40th anniversary dinner on October 31st 2019 and tickets for that event will soon be on sale – you can keep up to date with these events and more through”

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16th May 2019

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