Advice on completing your home’s decarbonisation plan

29th April 2020

So you’ve started to review your home’s energy efficiency and equipment and reviewed the decision tree diagram in the first blog in this series ( but now you may need some help in evaluating your home and knowing your options

There are five elements to this. The below links should help you understand:

1. your current equipment
2. your home’s current energy rating
3. what improvements could be made to your home and associated costs
4. your technology options and costs
5. what grants could be available for energy efficiency or technology switching.

Your Current Equipment

The OFTEC website is a good place to begin.

Appliance types –

Fuel Storage Tanks –

If you are still not sure what systems you have and whether a new boiler could save your energy and money you can find your nearest local OFTEC technician here

Glowgreen has a guide to verifying the age of a boiler

The Building Energy Performance Assessment site includes a boiler database which may help

Our own UKIFDA website contains information on tanks and the Oilcare Campaign website also provides help on understanding your oil tank

Energy Rating

You may not have Energy Performance Certificate – EPC (UK) or Building Energy Rating Certificate – BER (Ireland) if your house has not been sold in recent years.

In the UK, the government webpage provides information on how to get an EPC

In the Republic of Ireland similar information can be found here


The UKIFDA website and the Oilcare Campaign have some good advice if you wish to replace your oil storage tank.

The Simple Energy Advice website provide impartial advice

The Energy Savings Trust has lots of information on its website including a whole section on home improvement and a handy visual of the potential savings you could make

Technology Options

Which is a trusted source of information

Energy Saving Trust provide an overview of boiler replacement options

The following provides a comprehensive overview of home heating options

OFTEC again are a good source of data

An overview of available options

A comparison of costs

A comparison of the cost of saving one tonne of carbon in home heating


Our own website provides more detail on energy efficiency options and also links to the UK government’s green deal scheme

Simple Energy Advice has a page dedicated to energy grants in the UK which is lined to via the government’s own site The government also detail the Renewable Heat Incentive here although this expires in March 20 and as yet there is no known replacement.

Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website includes a page on energy grant information and Turn2Us is a charity which sets out energy grant schemes by country

In Ireland the Sustainable Energy Authority details the types of support available

Kingspan are an energy partners with SEAi and explain grants on their website

The commission for regulation of utilities and Citizens Information both offer advice on grants.

We hope that the above provides information for you to complete your personal plan in conjunction with the UKIFDA decision tree. In the third blog we will expand more on future biofuels (which was mentioned as one possible technology option above) and detail the work that UKIFDA is doing to show that this is a cost-effective option and should play its part in the decarbonised future.