UKIFDA Responds To The Science And Technology Committee’s Report On Clean Growth

13th August 2019

Yesterday the Science and Technology Committee released their report ‘Clean Growth: Technologies for meeting the UK’s emissions reductions targets’.

Trade association, UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) submitted evidence to the inquiry expressing their views on how biofuels can and should play a big part in how the future needs of off-grid homeowners are met.

UKIFDA Chief Executive, Guy Pulham comments: “We submitted evidence on how we believe Clean Growth emission reduction targets can be met – and met in such a way that doesn’t cause rural households a huge expense or inconvenience so we were disappointed that biofuels were not mentioned in the report issued yesterday.

“We did though welcome the committee’s view that the Government’s new energy efficiency policy must provide all homeowners with the incentive to make energy efficiency improvements to their property, with particular thought given to lower income households, as well as the financial means to do so. This matches the first step in our own Future Vision. The additional suggestion of establishing a ‘Help to Improve’ scheme by July 2020 that offers matched funding and interest-free loans to homeowners, to cover the costs of making energy efficiency improvements is also an encouraging option.”

“We would though have liked the committee to recognise that biofuels do have a future in the decarbonisation of off grid heating and transport. We want Government to be technology neutral and to not view electrification as the only option.

“As the trade association for the liquid fuels distribution industry, we’ve always supported the principle of decarbonisation, clean growth and clear air and now we have officially set out in our Clean Growth Future Vision all we aim to achieve in both the near and far future and highlighted the opportunities for the industry as a whole.

“It is imperative Government urgently put in place the necessary financial frameworks to enable further development of biofuels. This would then attract a wider number of investors, reduce cost to the consumer and deliver the clean fuel needed for us to reach net zero.

“We would welcome the opportunity to meet with the committee alongside fellow trade association OFTEC who have completed industry research into biofuels.”

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